Working Holidays to the Canadian Rockies for Australians and New Zealanders
Working Holidays in Canada
  'Canadian Rockies'
Hospitality and Tourism
  Hotel - Lodge - Resort - Tourist Attraction - Ski Resort
summer/winter season positions available or commence any time of year...
Where you get to live, work and play in the Canadian Rockies 
  • In places such as: Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Whistler

  • Work at a well known resort, hotel, lodge, ski resort or tourist attraction

  • Live in staff accommodation

  • Opportunity to learn new skills

  • Experience new cultures

  • Make lifelong friends

  • Fun and adventure!

  Jobs in the Canadian Rockies 
Where you get to work at a ski resort, 3-5star resort, hotel, lodge or at a tourist attraction

  • Work in a fun job in a great location in the Canadian Rockies 

  • Guaranteed work confirmed and in writing before you leave home

  • All employment has subsidized staff accommodation 

  • Commence any time of year or arrive in time for a Winter Season / Summer Season

  • Be able to commit to at least 5/6months with an opportunity to stay on 1-2years

  • There is a property to suit you

  • 24/7 ongoing support and assistance until the end of your working holiday 

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Picture yourself here...  living a mountain lifestyle in the Canadian Rockies 2018-19!

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